Sandmen vs. Watermen


Sandmen vs. Watermen

Metaphrenie from Dubai, formerly based in Berlin, Germany, was asked to do the Qatar TV station 2011 Asian Cup trailer. The story is about the two football teams competing against each other, ending up in the beautiful Doha stadium. The soccer teams are not made out of real flesh, actually one team is made of sand and the other team is made of water.
We worked remotely on that job and had been given the motion capture files from Robert in Berlin. This was a pure pipeline thing.
The baked motion capture files were used to drive the simulation. We simulated the water with RealFlow and the Sand with Houdini. For the statistics: the average sand character had about 15-20 million particles and the water guys about 2 million particles.
Shotcount: around 40
Time used to sim and render the shots: 6 weeks
HD: 95%
4k: 5%
The rendered shots were precomped to see if it worked and then transfered via FTP to Dubai where the comp team around John Brennick made the shots shine. The footage was filmed with REDone and we received the material as png image sequences.
The stadium was crowded with Massive and comped day for night.
For a super nice and perfectly flowing project I thank the team of lots of skilled people making this possible.
Take a look here:

"Sandman vs. Waterman" 2011 Asian Cup Promo from METAphrenie on Vimeo.

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